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Burma Media Report on Tiens Group

On May 29th, 2011, taking advantage of the opportunity Tiens Chairman Li Jinyuan attending the 5th anniversary of Tiens Burma Branch Company, several Burma news media reported on the powerful corporate strength and charity culture of Tiens Group, and expressed their recognition for the company's development in the country, and its contribution to local society, which has further improved the group's reputation. 
Articles by "Health Care" and "8 DAYS" to introduce Tiens Group

Report of "Health Care" about Chairman Li Jinyuan

A well-known local media "Health Care" reported on Tiens Group and Chairman Li Jinyuan respectively on page 20 and 22; page 11 of "8 DAYS" also introduced Tiens Group; Burma Chinese paper "Gold Phoenix" also carried a report in full page on Tiens Group and Chairman Li Jinyuan; in addition, on June 5th, right after the news on the golden hour at 8:00 pm, Burma "MWD" TV broadcast its interview with Chairman Li Jinyuan.

"MWD" TV having a special interview with Chairman Li Jinyuan

Burma's only Chinese paper "Gold Phoenix" carried a report
in full page on Tiens Group and Chairman Li Jinyuan

The successive reports by many local media have successfully made the Burmese people understand Tiens health industry and success concept, which have laid very solid foundation for the company's future development in Burma.

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